A Letter to the Courageous

Brave One.

I realize you walked into today perhaps not feeling as strong as you’d like. Your hopes for 2015 were once like firecrackers and now seem to have become as wet matches in your hand. Your gaze at the calendar has nothing to do with anticipating vacation–rather the dread of crossing into December and realizing again you are occupying the same productivity seat as last year.

Brave One.

You dream in color but you resist–making black and white your default setting. You strive to be grounded and reprimand flighty thinking. What you once decided would be your contribution to humanity is rarely ever spoken of–yet you secretly admire the bold and brazen people who refuse to settle…for anything. You watch their fire and compare…

Brave One.

Let me be the first to say I admire your strength. The University of Adversity is where you have graduated from with Honors. Impressive, I applaud you. I offer you a standing ovation. What you have accomplished though the moments of tightness and leanness is amazing. You have had nonexistent support for long seasons…you came through dark night seasons which appeared to never end. I stand in awe of how sturdy you stand, consistent in your stance to just continue….

Brave One.

I encourage you to continue to stand. I encourage you to keep dreaming regardless how black and white they show up. I encourage you to pat yourself on the back. Throw yourself a party. YOU DECIDED to get up this morning even in the midst of your fears, frustrations, and faults. You decided your life is worth the attempt to move forward regardless how slow the process…no matter how slow the progress. Stay in the process for you are making progress.

Brave One.

I name your name with authenticity and sincerity. You have proven you belong where you decide to show up. I understand you feel like an imposter, a poser, and a fake. Well so do I. So do we all. We search the environment for courage. We scan the environment for bravery of those who keep showing up scared, weary, and underestimated. Our search yielded you.

The truth. The beautiful simple truth: The world longs to admire the courageous; those who are journeying to a better place. We long to watch you win. We long to use your blaze to catch sparks of courage. You are a hero. A hero of courage, because you decided to show up…today.

Brave One.  

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