The Beauty of Juicing

“Make a logo--A  LOGO,” they say. “Hurry, build a website,” they say. You listen to what they say, and you are left with stuttering-storytelling and mute-marketing. “I wonder where I went wrong,” you say. You look at your website which you cannot navigate yourself and it feels… it feels foreign. This is not you. It … Continue reading The Beauty of Juicing

An Open Letter to Janelle Harris and Black Girls in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s Who May Feel Like Life May Have Passed Them By

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed looking for some excitement, someone shared this beautiful work of the spirit, you graciously shared with the world.  A story of your sister-friend who upon reflecting of moments in her life found herself. I am so glad you picked up the phone. We are so glad you comforted your friend … Continue reading An Open Letter to Janelle Harris and Black Girls in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s Who May Feel Like Life May Have Passed Them By

3 Ways Coaching Changes You

I run. I run because I am too impatient to walk. Walking takes up time I do not have. So I run. I run hard. I run fast. I run like someone or something is chasing me. There is--my run from yesterday. All this running causes minor challenges. Inflexibility has to be the absolute worst--but … Continue reading 3 Ways Coaching Changes You

Sole Intent

“I don’t know how to move forward. I feel stuck.” Meet Mary—or we can call her that for the sake of withholding identity. Mary is like most people. Mary is an amazing person living ‘A’ life—but is it her life, is it her best life? The life she is eking through does not feel right. Mary … Continue reading Sole Intent

Practice Into Purpose

“Often, people perceive making change for a potential gain as riskier than continuing the status quo. However, continuing the status quo can be risker than making a change to avoid a known loss.”—Brent Amason, Chief Principal Advisor, CEB Let Me Stretch You. Every salesperson worth their salt, and this includes marketers, will inform you most … Continue reading Practice Into Purpose

Hook Your Brand Up

The art of branding is like this… Say you have a friend. This friend needs to “get back out on the dating scene”—because that perfect match is NOT going to come knocking on her door, right? So you take it upon yourself to build her profile, and set her up on the platform(s) you think … Continue reading Hook Your Brand Up

Galactic Cannibalism: A Message to the Talented

Young, fresh, and vibrant talent is the magic every great organization is made of. Courting for retaining the crème of the crop is a function embedded inside of the strategic organizational objectives. However for the talented—‘industry virgins’ are there any lessons the universe has to offer to help these ‘stars’ find their way in this … Continue reading Galactic Cannibalism: A Message to the Talented

The Great Weight Gain

We shine. We have things we are absolutely the best at. Whether quirky, corny, or swift and smart--we all have a number of things of which we excel with like nobody’s business. However, with a side of a ‘big ole but’, we show up and act small. We downplay our shine and hide our glimmer … Continue reading The Great Weight Gain

Closing The Thigh Gap

“The emerging theme of my research suggested women were the biggest hinderance to the growth of women within this particular field..” I was talking to a fellow doctoral student. Explaining her study caused a deep discussion. I do not know why I was so surprised. The high school mentality is everywhere--and that is just the … Continue reading Closing The Thigh Gap

A Letter to the Courageous

Brave One. I realize you walked into today perhaps not feeling as strong as you'd like. Your hopes for 2015 were once like firecrackers and now seem to have become as wet matches in your hand. Your gaze at the calendar has nothing to do with anticipating vacation--rather the dread of crossing into December and … Continue reading A Letter to the Courageous