Practice Into Purpose


“Often, people perceive making change for a potential gain as riskier than continuing the status quo. However, continuing the status quo can be risker than making a change to avoid a known loss.”—Brent Amason, Chief Principal Advisor, CEB

Let Me Stretch You.

Every salesperson worth their salt, and this includes marketers, will inform you most consumers are not informed.

Consumers consume…consumers consume what is put in front of them.

Where many smaller enterprises miss the mark of this principle is we do not really see ourselves as marketers, or salesmen. Rather, we perform marketing functions and engage in selling products and services…from time to time.

We ask instead of inform.

Thinking we can close the sale if we can show and tell the prospect how our product/service fits neatly into what the prospect is currently doing.

The consumer is always right—right now.

How about in the future?

Will the practices and methodology of present hold up in an ever-changing, ever-evolving, constantly disruptive global environment?

Anyone with a product or service—your function in the life of your customer is not to deliver a product. Rather, your function is to customize their experience in their perspective marketplace.

Everyone has marketplace. Everyone is showing up somewhere attempting to sell their ‘juice’ to someone.

Homemaker to home construction companies—every human is selling something to someone and attempting to have the ‘advantage’ where they show up.

The issue is not how well you know your product—how well do you care to understand you customer?

What is next for your customer is the 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months…build your goals around this knowledge.

Sell your customer their future self.

Take responsibility for success of gains in the future life of your customer.

Stretch them into their future—and provide a product/service which speaks directly into them—in THE FUTURE.

If you can articulate where they have yet to be—you have transformed a customer into covenant convert.

Think outside of the packaging.
It may be time to transform your practice into purpose.


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