Hook Your Brand Up


The art of branding is like this…

Say you have a friend. This friend needs to “get back out on the dating scene”—because that perfect match is NOT going to come knocking on her door, right?

So you take it upon yourself to build her profile, and set her up on the platform(s) you think are best suited to help your friend get the hook-up (get your mind out the gutter…not that kind of hook-up).

You carefully craft her profile using words appealing to type of guy you want her profile to end up in front of.

Splashes of humor with a dash of flirtatiousness– all wrapped in a package which is neither dull or high-maintenance…rather perfection for the audience you are setting her in front of.

The profile is not ABOUT her.
The profile is MORE about the audience. The verbiage (professional, hobbies…) speak more ABOUT the audience than about her.

Marketing is the same idea.

Branding is not about the company.
Branding is about the customer.

(((BRANDING is about the CUSTOMER)))—Yes, I am yelling.
I need you to get the point.

Are you one of them?
Are you a part of the tribe?
Do you understand their culture?

People date, marry, and befriend people who make them feel better about themselves.

Your brand (not isolated to your product or service) must make people feel better about themselves, their life, their future…your customer wants to feel like your brand ‘gets them’, finishes their sentences, anticipates their needs before they knew they even had the need.

Articulates words they have yet to say.

Stop treating your brand like a WHAT.
The Brand is a WHO.

Your Brand tells stories, has a story, has emotions and intellect—your Brand is your partner.

Your job is to play matchmaker.
Set your Brand up with the right people.









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