The Beauty of Juicing

“Make a logo--A  LOGO,” they say. “Hurry, build a website,” they say. You listen to what they say, and you are left with stuttering-storytelling and mute-marketing. “I wonder where I went wrong,” you say. You look at your website which you cannot navigate yourself and it feels… it feels foreign. This is not you. It … Continue reading The Beauty of Juicing

3 Ways Coaching Changes You

I run. I run because I am too impatient to walk. Walking takes up time I do not have. So I run. I run hard. I run fast. I run like someone or something is chasing me. There is--my run from yesterday. All this running causes minor challenges. Inflexibility has to be the absolute worst--but … Continue reading 3 Ways Coaching Changes You

Hook Your Brand Up

The art of branding is like this… Say you have a friend. This friend needs to “get back out on the dating scene”—because that perfect match is NOT going to come knocking on her door, right? So you take it upon yourself to build her profile, and set her up on the platform(s) you think … Continue reading Hook Your Brand Up

I Woke Up Like This…Really!

Pop culture is a useful place to glean messages and insight—truth is truth regardless the source.  “I Woke up Like This” a lyrical parody by Beyoncé, is a trending thought when dealing with the individual truth of personal presentation to the world.  While I am not not suggesting you look up the lyrics, I do … Continue reading I Woke Up Like This…Really!