The Beauty of Juicing

“Make a logo--A  LOGO,” they say. “Hurry, build a website,” they say. You listen to what they say, and you are left with stuttering-storytelling and mute-marketing. “I wonder where I went wrong,” you say. You look at your website which you cannot navigate yourself and it feels… it feels foreign. This is not you. It … Continue reading The Beauty of Juicing

Sole Intent

“I don’t know how to move forward. I feel stuck.” Meet Mary—or we can call her that for the sake of withholding identity. Mary is like most people. Mary is an amazing person living ‘A’ life—but is it her life, is it her best life? The life she is eking through does not feel right. Mary … Continue reading Sole Intent

Practice Into Purpose

“Often, people perceive making change for a potential gain as riskier than continuing the status quo. However, continuing the status quo can be risker than making a change to avoid a known loss.”—Brent Amason, Chief Principal Advisor, CEB Let Me Stretch You. Every salesperson worth their salt, and this includes marketers, will inform you most … Continue reading Practice Into Purpose