The Beauty of Juicing


“Make a logo–A  LOGO,” they say.

Hurry, build a website,” they say.

You listen to what they say, and you are left with stuttering-storytelling and mute-marketing.

“I wonder where I went wrong,” you say.

You look at your website which you cannot navigate yourself and it feels… it feels foreign.

This is not you. It feels wrong.

You cannot blame the web designer (stop that); because branding is not their job.

It’s yours.

The web designer’s job is to design a website based off of what you tell them.

They follow your lead and your directions.

It would be like taking your family for portraits and y’all show up..naked.

Naked.  Expecting the photographer to ‘dress’ you.

The photographer enhances the ‘look’ you come in with, and uses their skill to emphasize the story you are already vocalizing.

They do their job.  You do yours.

Get dressed and show up.

Branding your vision is NOT branding your product/service.

Vision is more than a ‘thing’

Vision is more than a ‘place’

Vision is more than a ‘dollar’

Vision is about people.

Vision is about the purposes of these people.

So what happens if you do not know WHO you are called to as a business, ministry, or coach?

Embark on a journey to figure this out.

Dear you,

It is perfectly ok to take some time and figure out a market. It is ok to spend time developing your voice inside the market you are attempting to figure out. It is ok if you have no idea what you are doing…

Yea, I said it.

Baby, it is ok to acknowledge you have no idea what you are doing, or how to do it.

It takes time to develop identity and understand where we fit in this world. The same principle is applied to your  purpose-endeavors. Take the time and go through the process of figuring out who, and what you are NOT–and settle into what you ARE.

It is ok to open a business and close a business.

It is ok to start a YOUTUBE channel, shut it down, and start a new one.

It is ok to get a degree, and decide you do not really want to use it.

Life is about evolving–dimensionally.

It is not ok to get stuck in something that is killing you, because “they told you” this is how it supposed to be.

Honey, there are no rules.

There is not a singular road to success.

There is not a singular definition of success.

There are no rules.

Remember this–the juice is in the journey (Anniceisim), and people are attracted to the juice over the product. Your journey is what makes you stand out.

Go make a journey.

Go make mistakes.

GO make a “try”

Then go brand what you learned.

Your journey-juice becomes a lifeline to the people-purposes you are called to.

For those who know who they are in their market we applaud you.

The rest of us–figuring it out…figure it out.

…and repeat with me,

“I am an expert at I-have-no-idea-what-I- am- doing, but I am going to try everything, learn everything while having an amazing time doing it!”

Truth, humility, and honoring the journey.

–Your Homegirl.

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