Closing The Thigh Gap

“The emerging theme of my research suggested women were the biggest hinderance to the growth of women within this particular field..” I was talking to a fellow doctoral student. Explaining her study caused a deep discussion. I do not know why I was so surprised. The high school mentality is everywhere--and that is just the … Continue reading Closing The Thigh Gap

A Letter to the Courageous

Brave One. I realize you walked into today perhaps not feeling as strong as you'd like. Your hopes for 2015 were once like firecrackers and now seem to have become as wet matches in your hand. Your gaze at the calendar has nothing to do with anticipating vacation--rather the dread of crossing into December and … Continue reading A Letter to the Courageous

The Glory of the Human Privilege

I saw you looking me up and down as I walked into the same place you were headed--too. You were judging me and I caught you. You looked away--as if..... I forgot about our brief encounter because well it really wasn't relevant enough to dwell there--in that thought. I walked out. My business finished. There … Continue reading The Glory of the Human Privilege